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Walk the Talk helps you fulfil your dreams and live out your values. I train, coach & inspire people to define their vision and to make it happen.

I believe in an integrated approach that covers multiple areas in your life such as: health, relationships, career, finance & personal development (aka the wheel of life).

Personal development is getting to know yourself a little better over and over again. This implies having the courage to look at yourself, experiment with a new behaviour and integrate the feedback you receive into a new habit and be that upgraded version of your former self.

Contact me and have yourself convinced within 10 minutes that I can facilitate you in your process. I will fully commit myself to the realisation of your potential! Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Hi I am Rob,

I am passionate about personal change. To me life is about discovering and realizing our human potential. I study and apply the subject daily. I try to Walk the Talk by living a healthy lifestyle, enjoying the beautiful nature of Tenerife and inspiring others to follow their passion. Next to being a coach & trainer I am an online entrepreneur.