ACT test and HBM


How good do you know yourself? With an ACT test (Analytic Competence Tool) you can answer many development questions in just 15 minutes, such as:

The ACT test looks at the whole person. This goes far beyond visible behaviour and cognitive thinking. The ACT uses words and extensively tested images. It is precisely this combination of words and images that makes it unique. It let you discover where your natural potential lies. Most people already know a part of their talents, motives and weaknesses. However, there are more unconscious behaviour that we have formed in our youth. This can hinder us in our contemporary life. As a certified coach I help you to gain insight into what limits, empowers and determines you in your daily life. So that you learn to recognize and use your talents in your daily life.

What is ACT and HBM?


ACT is based on the Human Being Management (HBM). This is a philosophy that puts people first. To see people as a value and not just as a resource. Moving from Human Resource Management (HRM) to Human Being Management (HBM). HBM provides insight into conscious behavior (5%) and unconscious behavior (95%). The insights in your unconscious behaviour gives you the possibility to develop your talents based on qualities that you already naturally have. This is how we work on happy people in successful organizations.


  •  The ACT test takes only 15 minutes
  •  In-depth interview after the ACT test
  •  Unique and innovative competence tool


  •  Clarifying your (hidden) talents
  •  Higher awareness and better decision-making
  • Kick-starter of personal changes


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