I am Dutch and was born in 1981. I grew up in the Netherlands and in Asia. Nowadays I live together with my girlfriend Kim and my son Tom in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) where we try to Walk our Talk.

My purpose in life is to share with others what I have learned about human potential (body & mind). Mixing the skills I have obtained through my corporate career, being an entrepreneur and my (spiritual) adventures in my quest for life lessons.

I have studied the subject of Personal Leadership rigorously and therefore I have tried and tested many different techniques & methodologies. This ranges from multiple ten day vipassana meditation retreats, to courses on NLP, mindset, productivity, habits, nutrition, cold training (Wim Hof Method), (online) entrepreneurship and more. My personality type (MBTI: ENFJ) and (business) skills support all these (ad)ventures and my coaching & training.

Seeing people changing the beliefs that are holding them back and taking courageous action consequently is what gives me enormous joy. Especially when it leads to transformation where my clients ‘suddenly’ show completely different behavior that is helping them to reach their goals.

This has been my primary focus since 2013. Before that I used “to be” an international financial specialist (homebase Amsterdam) at three different banks and a large consultancy. In 2013 I decided to start a new adventure as an online entrepreneur. I succeeded in creating a 4-hour workweek for myself within a year. This has enabled me to dedicate all that freed up time on my passions and purpose in life. For that reason we, amongst others, moved to Tenerife end of 2015, which is currently my home base. You can read more about that adventure at Zenerife.

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Train and learn from your failure. Then it’s called feedback. Do it again and it is failure.

- Walk the Talk