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The goal of Walk the Talk Health Coaching is to increase your quality of life by coaching you to create healthier habits. Enhancing your Health implies that you need to focus on: proper sleep, proper breathing, proper nutrition and exercise. And in that order. We are used to ‘only’ focus on nutrition and exercise. However if your sleep and breathing is not optimal don’t even bother to look at your diet and exercise…


Most people aren’t getting enough sleep, plain and simple. But, and this is the important thing to realize, we don’t recognize that we are sleep deprived.

Research shows that the cognitive capabilities of people that sleep less than 6 hours a night are significantly impaired after already two weeks. The interesting thing is that people themselves don’t experience it in that manner. A lack of sleep awakens the need for caffeine and although a cup of coffee may taste great, it is a stimulant that has many effects we rather not hear about… Sleeping better will reduce the urge for caffeine and other stimulants such as sugars. Sleep deprived people choose “bad foods”.


Next to that we will have a closer look at your breath. Breathing is greatly overlooked. On average we take 25,000 to 30,000 breaths a day. People that are anxious and stressed probably much more (hyperventilation).

People that are said to have ‘superhuman’ skills have one thing in common. They breathe very slowly even in the heat of the moment… People breathing significantly slower, less than these 25,000 breaths are activating the part of our autonomous nervous system that is called the parasympathetic system aka “rest and digest”.

With simple exercises your breath can be transformed within one month and it will have an enormous impact on your stress levels, your sleep, your overall energy levels and the prevention or curation of illness in the long-term.


At the same time we will have a look at your diet as this is the daily fuel that you supply to your body and therefore very important to your general well-being. You will maintain a food diary for 10 days in order to get a clear view on what you eat and how you feel during the day. Furthermore we will have a conversation to discuss allergies, diseases, sleep, stress, exercise and preferences to come up with a tailor made nutritional plan.

When all of the above is in check you can do whatever exercise you want! We will discuss what type of exercise suits you best for your goals.

Over the last five years I have been experimenting with nutrition, breathing, sleeping (and unfortunately non-sleeping..) and exercise. I have met and trained with very knowledgeable people (I am a BTEC certified nutritional coach), studied the science behind it and combined and tested all that on myself. Not only my own experience, but also the results of my clients are proving the concept. I would be very honored if you would let me ‘channel’ this wisdom to you in order to achieve your results.

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