Leadership Coaching


Often we only intent to improve our lives, but we do not succeed in changing our behaviour. Leadership Coaching provides deep personal change by coaching in an authentic way, this ensures change from within. You need courage to change your behaviour and to Walk the Talk.

Leadership Coaching is focused on taking control of your own life, managing yourself in a more effective way. During the weekly coaching sessions there is more awareness about someone’s strengths and pitfalls. Coaching provides an answer to what inspires someone and what gives someone energy, but also what blocks someone. Next, courage is needed to act in this new direction. For this reason we make concrete action plans during coaching. Thanks to the weekly coaching for 5 to 10 weeks minimum, we can ensure that the change will be significantly sustainable through several small steps.

Why Leadership Coaching?



  • Weekly coaching conversations
  • Exercises from Leadership Toolkit
  • Accountability for action


  • Clarify your leadership goals
  • Clear priorities & actions to take
  • Enhanced Leadership skills



Optionally we can also use the Analytical Competence Tool (ACT). This test gives you insight into your natural potential (unconscious preferences). On the basis of this insight you can optimally use your (unconscious) preferences by developing specific competencies that match this and by releasing competencies that cost you a relatively large amount of energy. Read more about ACT here.

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Train and learn from your failure. Then it’s called feedback. Do it again and it is failure.

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