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Are you running your life or is your life running you? Many people ‘suffer’ from focus on what is really important to them and lack the commitment to follow through. Often we are so busy that we are unable to relax and enjoy life in the moment.


Does this sound familiar to you? 


Leadership Coaching explicitly targets at realizing your personal effectiveness. It takes all aspects of life that you deem important into consideration. We will set goals that motivate you and define a clear actionable plan to achieve your desired results. During the coaching you will discover which thoughts are supporting you and which thoughts are sabotaging you in realizing your desired results. This implies that you will have to face your fears in the process in order to come out stronger. My coaching will facilitate you in this process.

My coaching also takes into account the link between Mind & Body. Many people are not aware how breathing, sleep, nutrition and physical motion affects our (mental) well-being. With simple exercises  your personal leadership will improve significantly.



  • Weekly coaching conversations
  • Exercises from Leadership Toolkit
  • Accountability for action


  • Clarify your leadership goals
  • Clear priorities & actions to take
  • Enhanced Leadership skills
  • Deeper understanding of what energizes you

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Train and learn from your failure. Then it’s called feedback. Do it again and it is failure.

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