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Walk the Talk helps you fulfil your dreams and live out your values. I train, coach & inspire people to define their vision and to make it happen.

I believe in an integrated approach that covers multiple areas in your life such as: health, relationships, career, finance & time (priority management). My training and coaching will help you reach a higher level of consciousness and more balance.

Personal development is getting to know yourself a little better over and over again. This implies having the courage to look at yourself, experiment with a new behaviour and integrate the feedback to become a better version of yourself.

Shorten your learning curve, you will learn from someone who walks the talk, puts in the time, and is committed to improve continuously.

Contact me and have yourself convinced within 10 minutes that I can facilitate you in your process. I will fully commit myself to the realisation of your potential! Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Hi I am Rob,

I am passionate about personal change. To me life is about discovering and realizing our human potential. I study and apply the subject daily. I try to Walk the Talk by living a healthy lifestyle, enjoying the beautiful nature of Tenerife and inspiring others to follow their passion through project Zenerife. Next to being a coach & trainer I am an online entrepreneur.