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This crisis shows again the need for true Leadership. The old ‘system approach’ shows to fail miserably. KPIs, scorecards, budgets and lengthy decision processes can be thrown out of the window. True Leadership is based amongst others on trust, creativity and open mindedness and is more necessary than ever. It implies to be able to deal with uncertainty and trust the power of the collective instead of the individual. It implies having the courage to experiment, reflect and integrate the obtained results as quickly as possible in order to move ahead.

Leadership calls for Vulnerability, because a leader that thinks he ‘knows everything’ knows nothing. Leadership means taking 100% responsibility (including not knowing). Leadership means continuous development of  an open mind. Only then will you be able to see the whole picture more clearly.

 Leadership is getting to know yourself better over and over again. It implies having the courage to look at yourself, especially the part that you rather hide. It’s about being open-minded to whatever reality is and a courageous approach towards integrating new behavior in your daily life. Leadership is a focus on continuous improvement; to walk your talk. It’s about being brave enough to step back, take time to reflect and come back with a more conscious response to any situation that arises. This will inspire others to do the same.

Shorten your learning curve, I will act as a mirror for you to discover what you rather not see in yourself and challenge you in integrating these learnings in your life as quickly as possible.  

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Hi, I am Rob. To me life is about discovering and realizing our human potential. I Walk the Talk by living a healthy lifestyle, enjoying the nature of Tenerife and running my businesses at the same time. Personal Leadership is the foundation to living your potential. Through my (online) coaching I help you to achieve your potential. Walk the Talk is part of project Zenerife.